Reilly’s Power Wash provides Residential Power Washing and Soft Washing Services to Homeowners and Residential Property Managers throughout Hilton Head / Bluffton area. Our services include House Washing, Driveway and Concrete Cleaning, Roof Cleaning and more. Call today for a free estimate.

House Washing Services
Low Pressure “Soft Wash” House Washing Services in Hilton Head:  We provide expert exterior House Washing Services throughout the area, cleaning and restoring all substrates and surfaces. Call us today for a free estimate.

Reilly’s Home Services:
We clean all exterior surfaces around your home or property. From your roof tiles or shingles, down to gutters and concrete and other ground areas. Call us today regardless of what your need cleaned on the exterior of your home.

We use the latest in machinery and equipment and avoid the use of high pressure cleaning to clean and restore all materials that homes in the Lowcountry are commonly constructed from. We use a gentle process called Soft Washing which is guaranteed to eliminate all potential of damage to your home’s exterior and its delicate substrates.

We also use specialized environmentally friendly, non toxic cleaning products to remove stubborn stains such as algae, moss, rust, paint, deeply embedded and carbon stains which pressure washing is ineffective at removing.

What is Soft Washing?
Soft Washing is the only recommended method of Washing houses as specified by the leading associations including the Power Washers of North America to clean and restore a home, regardless of the material it is constructed from, to avoid any potential damage. High pressure washing a home constructed from brick, stone, stucco, wood, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, paintwork or any other substrates can cause irrevocable damage to the substrate and lead to expensive rectification or replacement costs. High pressure washing can deface brick and stone, force water between siding, leading to a range of problems associated with trapped moisture, can damage paintwork and is generally ineffective at killing of micro-organism growth that more suitable cleaning agents are effective at doing. Soft Wash utilizes a gentle method, devoid of high pressure washing and relies on environmentally friendly cleaning agents to break down dirt, grime, algae, moss and other organic or environmental contaminants, to restore your home to its original condition.

We clean all types of houses constructed from a range of materials including brick, concrete, stucco, cement render, sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, other natural stone, metal, wood, vinyl siding, aluminum siding and much more.

  • Driveway & Concrete Cleaning
  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Tiles
  • Sandstone and more …

We can remove a wide variety of stains including oil, grease, algae, dirt, grime, food and drink spills, rust, paint, graffiti, tree sap, leaf stains, bark marks and much more.